How Energy Coaching Can Help You

How Energy Coaching Can Help You

What is energy coaching?

Taking your first steps to decarbonization can be daunting. With clean energy technology constantly advancing, it is difficult to stay up to date on all the right resources, not to mention learning how each type of technology operates. Luckily, there are people who can help.

Many communities in the state have begun coaching programs geared towards assisting people with clean energy technologies like heat pumps, electric vehicles, and solar. Engaging an energy coach may be the right place to start if you want to lower your carbon footprint and implement clean alternatives into your household or lifestyle.

What can I get from coaching?

A common misconception about climate action is that individuals do not have an impact on our changing environment when really, this isn’t the case. As we wait for the federal government to take further action, community members can do a great deal to decarbonize their homes, businesses, and everyday lives. With so many steps available to take, the only question is, where do you begin?

With energy coaching, individuals are connected to an expert to help them get started. Coaches are typically volunteers who do not work for a business and are therefore impartial. Nor do they try to sell you anything! Many communities, with the support of MassEnergize, have trained coaches on weatherization, heat pumps, rooftop solar, EVs, and more. Energy coaches can help you learn about incentives and suggest best practices for your home. Check your local MassEnergize community to see what topics your community offers coaching on.

Is energy coaching effective?

Yes! Energy coaching absolutely helps people get their questions answered and over the hurdle to purchasing or installing clean technologies.! With one-on-one support from a coach, households across the state have been learning more about decarbonizing. For instance, in 2022, Concord increased its heat pump installations by 91% from 2021 with 90 out of 136 households being coach-assisted.

As energy-coaching programs see a rapid increase in interest, more and more households are opting to decarbonize! With the help of knowledgeable community members, who communities get one step closer to decarbonization.

How do I find energy coaching in my community?

Energy coaching programs will vary depending on where you live. To find out if your community has coaching opportunities, visit your local MassEnergize community’s website. If your community does not have a MassEnergize page, visit your town or city’s website.

What if my community doesn’t offer energy coaching?

If your community doesn’t offer coaching services yet, don’t let that stop you! MassEnergize recommends contacting Abode Energy Management which offers paid consultations and quote reviews for $150 each. Adobe can train you or someone else in the community on topics like heat pumps and weatherization to get your community started on coaching!

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