Employment Opportunities

Administrative Assistant

MassEnergize seeks an organized and energetic individual with a demonstrated commitment to addressing climate change to serve as our Administrative Assistant. Reporting to the Executive Director, the Administrative Assistant will provide support to our daily operations, financial management, fundraising efforts, and general outreach and communications.

For more detail including on how to apply, please click here. Application deadline: March 17th, 2023


MassEnergize employs student interns (undergraduate  and graduate level) under the MassCEC Internship program. We strive to give interns a great experience working in close collaboration with an agile team and a family of passionate community organizers. To be eligible for the MassCEC Internship Program, students need to be either residents of Massachusetts or attend a Massachusetts college or university. Internships usually span Summer, Fall, and Spring. Reach out in advance if you are interested in interning with us.

Community Engagement Intern

The intern will help MassEnergize develop a suite of tools to support communities using our software platform and other engagement tools. This is an exciting opportunity to help create materials and provide direct support to communities. Interns will report to the MassEnergize core team in a virtual office setting. Intern projects will include:

  • Supporting new communities
  • Developing and sharing community outreach toolkits and social media strategies.
  • Assisting with outreach efforts in selected communities.
  • Collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from MassEnergize efforts.

Intern candidates should have strong writing and communication skills and be able to work independently, via the internet with occasional in-person meetings. Experience with spreadsheets, data analysis, social media, and web content production is a plus. Contact us for more information.

"I've had such a wonderful experience working with MassEnergize!

The team is so amazing and passionate about the environmental movement and I was constantly inspired to learn more."

~Tina Z
Intern, Summer 2021

Software Development Intern

The software intern will help improve the MassEnergize Community Portal, a web-based platform to help residents find out and take sustainable action in their communities. The platform, and a complementary Admin Interface site, are written in React.js (JavaScript) for the front-end User Interface, and Django (Python) for the back-end and database. Interns will report to the MassEnergize core team in a virtual office setting. Key skills required are:

  • Experience with React.js or a similar JavaScript library for front-end development through a course or website design;
  • Experience with CSS for web site styling for mobile-responsive website development;
  • Some experience with Python for back-end interfacing and testing;

Envisioned tasks include:

  • Improvement of UI/UX of the platform through browsers and on mobile devices;
  • Improvement of the Admin Portal for community administrators to implement content;
  • Working together with staff and a program associate intern for integrating feedback from users and community administrators

For more information contact Brad Hubbard-Nelson, brad@massenergize.org.

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you for this opportunity.

I truly cannot express how much I feel I've learned and what a great time I've had doing so. You have been so incredibly kind, helpful, and patient throughout my internship and I really feel I've gained valuable skills.”

~Orly S
Summer Intern