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MassEnergize supports community leaders with tools to help them motivate residents and businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for a changing climate.

Community Campaigns

Do you need support for a residential outreach or engagement campaign? MassEnergize offers a variety of support services to ensure that your community outreach campaign is as effective and successful as possible. We offer consultation services, customizable digital campaign tools to help you track campaign metrics, marketing and social media tools, as well as direct hands-on support to assist you in running your residential engagement campaign.

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Community Impact Page

Interactive Websites

Are you working in your community to help people take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for changing climate? MassEnergize provides a platform that makes it easy to set up a customized, interactive website for your community. Through a website powered by MassEnergize, you can offer your community members a wide array of impactful actions, referrals to service providers, testimonials from neighbors, and local event announcements. Motivate your community members by setting community-wide goals for carbon reductions and number of participating households, and their collective impact.

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Community of Practice

Join a vibrant and growing network of communities with decades of community building experience. Learn from special speakers and collaborate on events and engagement.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

Benefit from our collaborations with a variety of nonprofits, foundations, and other organizations doing similar work, and from our Partnership Agreements with vendors, installers and other service providers.

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Resources Center

Use and contribute to our growing library of resources, including crowd-sourced playbooks for organizing events and conducting outreach, with best practices, up-to-date collateral materials.

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Questions? Contact us  and we’ll arrange for a short conversation, on the phone or over email, about what your needs are and how we can help.

How does it work? Usually, after an initial phone call, we have a half hour to one hour zoom conversation with your team, during which we demo the website and give you a quick glimpse of the admin interface, explain our other services, and take your questions. The timeline and commitments for your community are entirely up to you - no pushy sales calls!

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