Carnival Games

Step right up and add some fun and engagement to your climate event with MassEnergize’s Climate
Carnival! The games suit all skill levels and draw in kids of all ages while prompting climate questions and discussions. The games pack down to fit in most cars (approx. 36”W, 55”L, 28”H) and setup in minutes.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use they can be used either free standing or set up on table tops. Each game is hand built from 100% reclaimed wood using renewable energy. Most of the games can be played with 2-4 players per round, promoting teamwork, cooperation and laughs. We’re asking for a $100.00 donation per rental for the whole set or $20.00 per game.

We want the games to see hundreds of events and ask that they are handled carefully. Set up, gameplay and packing instructions for each game are available through an included QR code as well as linked below.

How to borrow the Climate Carnival for your event:

  1. Make a reservation. Email us at with the following info:
    • Your name and phone number
    • Which games you’d like to borrow
    • Which dates you’d like to reserve them for
    • Please try and reserve at least 2 weeks in advance
  2. Pick them up. After your reservation has been comfired, show up at the arranged time and location. You’ll need to provide your name and contact info again and we ask for a $50.00 cash deposit. You’ll get a receipt and the games you requested.
  3. Have fun and keep the games safe. Having one or two ‘Climate Carnies’ assigned to guide your players and mind the games is a great way to get the most from the Carnival Games! Anchor or weigh down the tall games if outdoors in wind gusts.
  4. Bring them back. Return the games at the time you arranged. We’ll return your deposit (or keep some if there’s any damage or cleaning required, no biggie)
  5. Bonus: to help build momentum and energy behind our mission, send us photos of folks enjoying the games out in the world, tag MassEnergize in your social media posts and send us a story about your event!

Don’t fall into the common Pitfalls like Apathy, Fear, Animal Agriculture, Fossil Fuel Dependence and guide the planet to a Bright Future in this skill
testing rope pulling game of coordination. Play with one player or work as a team to naviagate around nine Pitfalls, following a beginner or intermediate path.

Once you’ve got the hang of it you may even try the ‘Full Thunberg’ and circumvent all the hazards to drop the world safely into it’s Bright Future portal, top right. The game is double sided allowing up to four players at a time.

Click here for a video on setup, use, and care!

Get the earth rolling back to a normal temperature by lifting and tilting the color coded ramp. The further down the path you get before the earth rolls off, the closer you get to pre-industrial temps.

Click here for a video on setup, use, and care!

Just how much will the earth support? Find out by taking turns rolling the die and balancing more and more burdens on the disk. Fossil Fuel Emissions, Transportation Emissions, Industrial Emissions, Animal Agriculture, it all adds up until the Earth reaches it’s TIPPING POINT, then it’s game over.

Click here for a video on setup, care, and use!

Get the Earth out of the hot zone by tilting and rolling your way through two maze games. Each can have two to four players for extra fun. The smaller maze has it’s own base with ropes and handles. The larger maze is simpler and great for younger environmentalists.

Click here for a video on setup, use, and care!


The climate pitfall labryrnth will challenge all ages to find their way to a bright future. Fun for two to four players, this desktop game brings focus, concentration, cooperation and coordination to your Climate Carnival. Little ones can simply tilt the board around with their hands!

A fun sized version of the big version of Pitfalls sits on a table top and lets visitors pull up a chair and navigate around eleven of the most common challenges in achieving climate solutions. The goal is still working your way towards a Bright Future! Great for one or two players at a time.

Can you roll all nine marbles into their holes to ‘Plant the Seeds of Change’? This positive game sets achievable actions as goals. It’s a light weight table top game that's suitable for little and big players alike.  The player picks it up by the handles and tilts the board around until all the ’seeds’ are ‘planted'.

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