Community Campaigns

Do you need support for a residential electrification or solar outreach campaign to engage more members of your community?

MassEnergize offers a variety of support services to ensure that your community outreach campaign is as effective and impactful as possible. We support all kinds of residential engagement campaigns, whether to promote energy efficiency, electrification through heat pumps, or to offer community solar to renters and low income residents. Please let us know what kind of campaign you have in mind.

For more information on how MassEnergize can support your campaign needs, please contact us!

We Offer:

Consultation Services

to assist you with campaign design and implementation

Customizable Digital Campaign Tools

for outreach, engagement, and tracking campaign metrics

Campaign-Specific Marketing and Social Media Tools

to increase awareness and engagement with your message

Campaign Management and Support

to oversee and implement your campaign

We Will Support You With:

Consultation / Campaign Design

  • Identify campaign focus
  • Identify campaign goals
  • Identify campaign metrics
  • Identify campaign partners
  • Training community volunteers and others
  • Deploying measurement and evaluation tools
  • Developing community surveys

Digital Campaign Platform

a dedicated campaign page and/or website to:

  • Promote actions and events
  • Share testimonials
  • Track engagement
  • Includes web hosting and IT support

Professional Marketing Expertise and Collateral

  • Support for identifying and utilizing outreach channels
  • Focus groups to better understand your audience
  • Digital graphics & social media posts
  • Print media and related collateral (including banners, yard signs, brochures and newsletters)

Campaign Management

  • Dedicated staff to coordinate your campaign
  • Support for volunteers and town/city staff
  • Coordination of local resources and marketing efforts
  • Support for procurement in selecting vendors

Residential Outreach and Engagement Campaigns

MassEnergize is currently running two residential outreach and engagement campaigns in the Metrowest Region. Learn more about each campaign below:

plugIN Metrowest
“plugIN” is a community outreach campaign to reach, inform, and encourage MetroWest residents to shift away from fossil fuels that contribute to global warming and transition to electrification.
Solar Para
Solar Para Todos
Solar Para Todos is a residential engagement campaign to bring the benefits of community generated solar energy to income-eligible and Environmental Justice residents of Framingham, MA.
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