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Why reinvent the wheel each time you plan a campaign or organize a presentation, movie screening or festival? Green Heating and Cooling events, Solarize campaigns, food waste campaigns… it’s been done before, so let’s learn from those experiences: what worked, what didn’t.

In collaboration with our large Community of Practice, which gathers decades of organizers’ experience, MassEnergize is developing event playbooks that provide best practices for event outreach, flow and follow up supplemented by up-to-date collateral infographics, slideshows and handouts, surveys to share, and more.

Available Playbooks

Outreach Tools

Even the seasoned community organizer can learn new tricks and up their game. MassEnergize enables a powerful network to share experiences and lessons learned via some of the latest workplace tools like Google Drive and Slack.

MassEnergize has also developed its own Community Outreach Toolkit. Simple and easy to use, this outreach planner allows you to have a dynamic overview of all the possible outreach channels in your community: community organizations, media, influential individuals, businesses, and government channels. You update the planner each time you need to activate these channels to spread the word about an event or a campaign you are running.