Community Climate Leaders Conference 2024

Connect, Engage & Energize
Mobilizing climate action in your community

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024
9:00AM – 4:00PM
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Are you involved in addressing climate change and supporting your community to take action? MassEnergize invites you to our first annual Community Climate Leaders Conference where we will be inspired, learn from each other's experiences, and support best practices for engaging our communities in climate action.

Who is this conference for?

Community organizers, municipal sustainability officers, community climate leaders, climate funders, university students and faculty in climate and sustainability departments, and anyone working to educate and motivate others to take climate action and reduce GHG emissions in their communities.  Anyone can be a community climate leader.  If you don’t see yourself as a leader, this conference will help show you how to become one!

Conference Registration

EARLY BIRD registration is available now through December 31st!

Grassroots Organization - MassEnergize Community MEMBER

Early Bird: $60
After 1/1/24: $75

Grassroots Organization - MassEnergize Community NON-MEMBER

Early Bird: $75
After 1/1/24: $90

Municipal / Non-profit / Academic Employees

Early Bird: $125
After 1/1/24: $140

For-profit / Business / Other Organizations

Early Bird: $150
After 1/1/24: $ 175

Current or Recent Student / Environmental Justice Community Member

Early Bird: $20
After 1/1/24: $25

Keynote Speaker


Anne Therese Gennari

Anne Therese Gennari, Keynote Speaker, 2024 MassEnergize Annual ConferenceAnne Therese is a TEDx speaker, educator, and author of The Climate Optimist Handbook. As a workshop host and communicator, Anne Therese focuses on shifting the narrative on climate change so that we can act from courage and excitement, rather than fear. She has taught courses and lectured on climate optimism and mental health in the climate space at numerous colleges and universities, including City College of New York, Columbia University, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Find out more about Anne Therese by visiting

Anne Therese’s capacity to inspire and impart knowledge on climate issues is extraordinary!
~ Alps Forum, Switzerland

Her message is about the power of possibility, how to plant small seeds of change, and why optimism has never been more needed.
~ SUNY, ESF, Syracuse

Speakers / Presenters

*Check back for more speakers as they are confirmed


Dr. Sarah Das

Dr. Sarah Das is a climate scientist and educator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and an ambassador with Science Moms. She has led over 20 scientific expeditions to Greenland and Antarctica, providing new insight into how climate change is impacting our polar regions, and why that matters for the rest of our planet. After close to three decades bearing witness to the rapidly melting polar ice sheets, much of her focus is now on developing science-based solutions to improve coastal community resilience to rising seas, training the next generation of climate scientists, and sharing the importance of understanding and acting on climate change with policy makers and the public.

Martha Grover

Martha Grover is the Sustainability Manager for the City of Melrose, where she has been for 13 years.  Martha manages both municipal energy projects as well as several community-wide initiatives. She’s currently working hard on implementing the Melrose Net Zero Action Plan.  Melrose is best known for launching one of the first green municipal aggregation programs in 2016 and hosting the first pole-mounted EV chargers on the east coast.

Sabrina Shankman

Sabrina Shankman covers the climate crisis as a reporter for the Boston Globe as part of the Into the Red team. She joined the newspaper in 2021 after reporting for eight years at Inside Climate News, where she covered the arctic. At the Globe, her work helps readers understand climate change-fueled extreme weather events, the emerging science and policy of climate change, and the work being done at the state and regional level to address the crisis. 

Conference will include

Guest Speakers

Industry speakers to inspire and celebrate your dedication to creating a more sustainable world and to motivating communities into action.


Providing you with tangible and practical tools and renewed enthusiasm to enhance the critical work you do in your community.


Network with fellow climate leaders and organizers who share your passion for a greener world.


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