Website Platform Fees

Our fees partially cover our costs for developing, maintaining and supporting our web platform, which include paying professional software developers and student interns and supporting various cloud hosting services. We have established the standard fee schedule below for municipalities, based on the number of households as determined from the U.S. Census. We feel our fees are very reasonable for the value provided, but do not want these fees to stand in your way to becoming a MassEnergize Community. We have an established policy for abating fees for environmental justice communities, described below, and are happy to discuss the fees with non-municipal organizations such as educational institutions, and houses of worship.

Size of Community
(# Households)
Setup* and Year 1 Subscription Annual Subscription Year 2 and Beyond
less than 5,000 $1,000 $450
5,000 to 30,000 $2,000 $950
more than 30,000 $3,500 $1,450
Less than 5,000
$ 1,000
  • Annual Subscription Year 2 and Beyond is $450
5,000 to 30,000
$ 2,000
  • Annual Subscription Year 2 and Beyond is $950
More than 30,000
$ 3,500
  • Annual Subscription Year 2 and Beyond is $1,450


  • We offer a 50% discount for communities with more than 25% of population qualifying for in environmental justice census block grant. Please reach out to us if these fees are a hardship.
  • All pricing includes participation in our monthly Community of Practice meetings and access to our playbooks and resources.
  • Setup includes self-paced online training for Administrators.