Ellen Tohn, President

Ellen is the co-chair of Wayland’s Energy and Climate Committee (WECC). Ellen and Kaat Vander Straeten started MassEnergize in 2017 to help local residents and businesses take action. We wanted to have a good answer when our neighbors asked, “what can I do about climate change?” She is passionate about driving local actions and larger policy solutions to address our climate crisis. Ellen is a 20 year resident of Wayland, co-chair of Wayland’s Energy and Climate Committee,a former member of the Conservation Commission and the mother of 3 grown sons. In her day job, Ellen is a nationally recognized environmental health policy expert with over 30 years of experience working at the intersection of energy, housing and health. She is President of Tohn Environmental Strategies and an Assistant Professor of Practice at the Brown School of Public Health. She received her BA from Cornell University and a Masters Degree in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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