Outreach Planner

This Outreach Planner allows you to

  1. have a dynamic overview of all the outreach channels in your community: community organizations, media, influential individuals, businesses, government channels, etc.
  2. select the channels you want to activate for a particular event or campaign.
  3. plan and schedule your campaigns, from a day before the event to months in advance. 
  4. assign your team members to specific channels and specific times when they should contact them.
  5. keep information about these channels, e.g. a newsletter that accepts content before the tenth of the month and is published on the twentieth, or a Facebook group that allows you to post an event only once, etc.
  6. keep your map updated: each time you run the Planner, you update it with new channels, new gatekeepers, and new information. When you run your next campaign, you simply use the latest version. 

It’s nothing fancy, just a simple spreadsheet, but several communities have used it and adapted it to their situations, and it can be a powerful tool in your outreach toolbox.

This document assumes that you already know the channels in your community and that you have open relationships with what we call their “gatekeepers.” You just need to populate your planner and manipulate it.

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