Interactive Websites

Are you working in your community to help people take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for changing climate? Is your town or city working towards a net zero or climate goal? Then you need a customizable, interactive website that offers your community members a variety of impactful actions, referrals to service providers, testimonials from neighbors, and local event announcements. You also want to motivate them by showing them the impact of their actions on their personal carbon footprint and on the community’s goal.

MassEnergize has created a platform that makes it easy to set up a customized, interactive website for your community. We set up your site in our platform and provide guidance on customizing the site (the way it looks and the actions it offers) for your community. Once set up, the site allows any community member to create a profile with a to-do list and a list of completed actions, and shows them the carbon emissions impact of their actions. This tool can also help you track household level actions taken by importing state or partner data from previous local campaigns like Solarize, Heat Smart efforts, or community choice aggregation opt ups to 100% renewable, and more. The customizable sites allow each community to decide what data you want to present.

The platform includes a user-friendly administration interface for community organizers that allows them to set and track goals, upload local actions and events, analyze other metrics, and reach out to subscribers.

Interactive website homepage


Community members may arrive through several channels: a search engine, a link in a newsletter, a link on a billboard in town or a flier. They’ll arrive on a Home Page that looks and feels like home, because the pictures and texts have been chosen by a local organizer who is their neighbor. The Home Page features quick links to the rest of the site, the community goal, and upcoming events and campaigns.

Actions Page

This is the most important page on your site. Here you get to offer a wide variety of actions appropriate for your community. This page is 100% customizable, and we help you select actions that have impact and appeal. We offer templates of actions for you to edit, and you can create whole new actions. MassEnergize communities also freely share actions with each other.

Action Detail Page

Actions Detail Page

When a visitor has glanced at the wide array of actions, they’ll want to take a couple of them “off the shelf” for a closer look. One click away is that Action’s page, with brief description, steps to take, a list of testimonials from others in the community who have take that action, and, if need be a “Deeper Dive” for more details

Community Impact Page

The impact page offers powerful, and motivating, data about how many households have engaged in  how many actions, with a breakdown by category (Home Energy, Transportation, Solar, Food, etc.). The Community chooses what data to display, and sets the community's goals.

Community Impact Page

User Profile Page

User Profile

Any user who creates an account gets a Profile Page, which features their To Do and their Done lists and their "carbon score" (the amount of carbon they have avoided by their actions). It also lists the teams and communities they are part of. It is also the place where they administer their accounts (change emails, passwords, and more).

Admin Interface

Community Admins are dedicated community organizers who enter content and data, check user messages, approve testimonials, and download data... all through the user-friendly Admin Interface. Each Community gets a personal 3 hour admin training and has access to written and video instructions, as well as friendly customer support.

We have well-researched Term of Service Agreements and Data Privacy Policies wherein MassEnergize and Community Administrators promise not to share personalized data. We also have robust data security measures in place.

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