Will Carter

Communications Associate

WWill Carter, MassEnergizeill is a current undergraduate student at Tufts University working to forge connections to the natural world through media, environmental science, and storytelling.

He specializes in Science Communication, combining coursework in the Natural Sciences, Media Practice, and Anthropology to create his own interdisciplinary major. Passionate about increasing accessibility to environmental knowledge, he is a frequent contributor to original research on how practitioners can utilize digital storytelling techniques to combat barriers currently barring youth participation in conservation initiatives.

Will has spent the past three years developing a wide storytelling toolkit, collaborating with scientists, engineers, activists, and media professionals to implement creative on-the-ground climate solutions. He is excited to apply his enthusiasm to expand the reach of MassEnergize.

He is also an avid outdoorsman and is often seen backpacking, swimming, hiking, or soaking up the sun.