plugIN Metrowest

“plugIN” is a community outreach campaign to reach, inform, and encourage MetroWest residents (in Acton, Wayland, Framingham, and Natick) to shift away from fossil fuels that contribute to global warming and transition to electrification. It specifically focuses on rooftop solar, community solar, and heat pumps (that both heat and cool homes). plugIN is led by municipal sustainability managers and volunteers from the four communities, with the help and support of MassEnergize.

  • MassEnergize support for the plugIN Metrowest campaign includes:
  • Campaign management with a dedicated MassEnergize Campaign Manager
  • Campaign conceptualization and design
  • Applications for and successful solicitation of funding
  • Creation of dedicated campaign website
  • Survey tools, focus groups, to gauge residential interest and drive marketing decisions
  • Marketing and design support including campaign logo and tagline, social media posts, video testimonials, graphics, banners, etc
  • Collection of campaign metrics
  • Campaign evaluation

Visit the plugIN Metrowest campaign site.
For more information, contact Aimee Powelka, Campaign Manager

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