Update from our new Program Manager!

Update from our new Program Manager!

I am excited to join the MassEnergize team as their first employed staff member as Program Manager.

As a professional, I have worked for different non-profit spaces that are devoted to causes ranging from working with youth to ending food insecurity. In this role, I will actively support the Community of Practice as well as help lay the foundation for MassEnergize to start new systems and processes.

In my first two months at MassEnergize, I have done so much! However, the most exciting part of my position is the constant learning that I have had around climate change and ways to support MassEnergize community members to inform their communities.

Originally from the New York City area as well, I bring a unique perspective on the discussion of climate change in urban environments and brainstorming new ways to have these conversations authentically. B

eing a part of the MassEnergize community where community organizers come from different professional sectors that are dedicated to rectifying this global issue has been an amazing experience so far!

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