Collaborative Programs

If you are an organization that aligns with our mission and want to explore if we can work togther, email us.

HeatSmart Alliance

MassEnergize supports the The HeatSmart Alliance, a regional group promoting residential and building heating/cooling electrification with heat pumps. The Alliance currently includes members from 16 communities, many of which have participated in the MassCEC HeatSmart program, with a growing expertise in heat pumps, weatherization and related technologies.

Cooler Communities

MassEnergize is collaborating with ener-G-save, a non-profit working with communities in central and western Mass promoting sustainability and energy efficiency through Cooler Communities events and educational programs.  We co-developed a CarbonSaver web app to teach residents about sustainable actions in an engaging way and facilitates follow-up support for residents.

Cooler Communities Fairs
What is a Cooler Community Fair? A fun event that attracts a broad audience to reduce carbon pollution The town and schools collaborate to engage kids and adults Compelling exhibits inspire residents to choose energy-saving actions Actions and their impact on CO2 are tallied in a calculator Students solve climate-related problems, create exhibits and lead. Read more.
Try the MassEnergize Carbon Calculator App here.

Preferred Partnerships

MassEnergize creates Partnership Agreements with vendors, installers and service providers. Our Communities can then choose to work with these providers under that Agreement and promote these providers in their localities. If you are an interested installer or a service provider, email us.

Preferred Partners

At present we have Partnership Agreements with

Black Earth Compost

New England Solar Hot Water

Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Our Communities also opt to work with numerous installers and service providers without a Partnership Agreement. You can find their preferred vendors on their Community Platforms.