Accelerating Climate Resilience for Elders

Accelerating Climate Resilience for Elders is a groundbreaking initiative addressing the escalating challenges of climate change (particularly heat) within five Metrowest communities (Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wayland, and Weston). Funded in part by a grant from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and being implemented by MassEnergize, this project was conceived by Abigail Shute and Julie Gagen, the Sustainability Managers of the Towns of Wayland and Weston respectively. MassEnergize was selected to manage the campaign because of our extensive experience working with communities to advance climate solutions and our strong connections with climate leaders in the region.

The summer of 2023 was a stark reminder of the growing threat of climate chaos. Record-breaking temperatures swept across regions, turning cities into heat islands and pushing the mercury to alarming levels. Elders, often grappling with health, mobility, and socio-economic challenges, found themselves disproportionately affected. The sweltering heat not only posed immediate health risks but also intensified feelings of isolation and discomfort.

The Accelerating Climate Resilience for Elders campaign is poised to build long-term resilience and adaptability among elders in Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wayland, and Weston. To meet the diverse needs of each municipality, the project will identify and train Elder Climate Liaisons who will serve as vital points of contact and communication across communities, helping to identify needs and direct resources to enhance resilience.

MassEnergize support for Accelerating Climate Resilience for Elders includes:

  • Campaign management with a dedicated MassEnergize Campaign Manager
  • Close collaboration with Councils on Aging in each town
  • Survey tools, focus groups, event organization, and residential engagement to gauge interest and solicit involvement
  • Collection of campaign metrics
  • Campaign evaluation

For more information, of if you are interested in becoming an Elder Climate Liaison, please contact:

Nathan Scott, Campaign Director

Take Action / Resources:
Application to become an Elder Climate Liaison (PDF)

Engagement Campaigns: plugIN Metrowest | Accelerating Climate Resilience for Elders | Solar Para Todos

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